QuickBooks, is designed for those who are unfamiliar with accounting or bookkeeping. It simplifies tedious bookkeeping tasks and has formulas and reports built right in to do the math for you.

QuickBooks, also an user friendly accounting software with powerful functions with instant report generation, remote access and special customisations.

How QuickBooks can help you in your business?

More than just accounting software – QuickBooks does more than just book-keeping! Its powerful and flexible reporting tools provide you with instant data and reports to help you control and manage your business. You can keep track of the performance of your projects, jobs, salesmen, suppliers or customers, just to name a few – without the need for special report customization.

Efficient work processes – Fed-up with having to do batch processing for month-end or year-end? Or are you restricted to a certain cut off period? Look no further, QuickBooks afford you real-time posting and no cut-off period. For instance, you may continue to key in your transactions for a new financial year while updating your previous year’s transactions. Ideal for use if you need to clear accounting backlogs, fast and efficiently!

QuickBooks Canadian Edition:-

QuickBooks Pro 2014
QuickBooks Premier 2014
1. The price stated above does not include installation, training , support.
2. Approved by Royal Malaysian Customs Department,GST compliance software, 
3. One off payment without yearly renewal.
4. Built in Inventory and Multi currency module.
5. For Windows PC’s
6. Price are subject to change without prior notice.